Our spokesperson
Dr. Christiane Laberge

A family medicine specialist since 1977, Dr. Laberge spent 10 years in pediatric emergency, and has since been a family physician at a private practice. Since 1988, she has also worked at a CLSC, specializing in maternal and infant health, and more recently in youth mental health due to high demand.

An excellent health communicator, she has worked for more than 15 years with various radio and television networks. After eight years as a daily columnist with host Paul Arcand, she became a freelance journalist and regular contributor to Marina Orsini’s show on Radio-Canada.

For many years, Dr. Laberge has been a volunteer speaker for the Canadian Cancer Society. She also gives presentations on ADHD to community groups and at workplaces with Capsana, the organization behind the Quit to Win! Challenge. She is also the spokesperson for the Smoke‑Free Family program.

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