One-week countdown

As with any journey, the one taking you to a tobacco-free life has to be properly prepared for. To help you, here are some activities and tips to try before D-Day.

Most importantly, set your quit date. The following countdown is based on it!

One week before:
Think about it!

Goal: Be conscious of your dependency on tobacco.

How to get there: Every time you light up, pay attention to your reactions. What triggers the craving to smoke? What physical symptoms do you feel?

6 days before:

Goal: Analyze your habits and observe the physical effects of dependency.

How to get there: If you feel up to it, leave your cigarettes at home or else take only a few with you. You can also change brands for a day, choosing cigarettes you like less... Maybe you’ll smoke less?

5 days before:

Goal: Put your finger on the events that trigger the reflex to light up in you.

How to get there: In a notebook, on a Post-it, or even on the pack itself, jot down when you lit up. E.g., Monday, 10:10 a.m., coffee break; Monday, 12:25 p.m., after lunch; etc.

4 days before:

Goal: Get support and encouragement from loved ones and elsewhere.

How to get there: Share your decision to quit smoking with your loved ones, recruit a sponsor or a teammate to support you and sign a declaration of commitment. Add to your bookmarks.

3 days before:
Clean up! Part 1

Goal: Slowly rid your environment of cigarettes.

How to get there: Empty all the ashtrays, clean them and put them away. Don’t forget the one in the car, the garage or the workshop! Keep only one, which you’ll have with you every time you smoke until D-Day.

2 days before:
Clean up! Part 2

Goal: Erase the traces of the passage of tobacco in your life.

How to get there: Air out the house, vacuum, clean the blinds, curtains, walls, carpets and furniture.  Clean out the car... In a word, get ashes and the smell of cigarettes out of your environment.

1 day before:

Goal: Be aware that there are only a few hours left before you experience a unique moment in your life. Stir up your pride at having made this decision and get ready physically.

How to get there: Treat yourself to a nap or a moment of relaxation during which you visualize yourself as a non-smoker; take a walk or some deep breaths. If you plan on using nicotine patches, get the first one ready for tomorrow.


Goal: Don’t give up, and you’ll become a real non-smoker.

How to get there: Come back regularly to this site, share your experience with other ex-smokers on our Facebook page and use their testimonials for inspiration!

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